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Sengoku BASARA 5th Anniversary~Butoukan no Utage~ pics [12 Jan 2011|04:16pm]

Official Reports~


Moca-News:http://moca-news.net/article/201 ... 1/?afid=sizuharatei




Pics from T.M.Revolution's Twitter~!

That's not your usual pics~!Collapse )

Base on the reports I read it's such a fun event~! Hoshi+Okiayu+Morikawa on the same stage is just too wonderful~~ Can't wait for the DVD!
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☆2010/06/07☆ news (Hoshi from all kinds of angles~) [07 Jun 2010|07:07pm]

*All titles are hyperlink to the official website.

そらのおとしもの9巻 限定版にアニメDVD付き
Sora no otoshimno VOL.9 Limited Edition Anime DVD

Release Date: 2010/09
Info: Comic book Soraoto limited edition is giving away a DVD that includes anime episode 14 (never shown on TV).

そらのおとしもの DVD 6巻 オーディオコメンタリー
Sora no otoshimono DVD VOL.6 Audio Commentary

Release Date: 2010/05/28
Info: includes episode 11&12
Cast: 保志総一朗(Hoshi Souichirou)&藤田咲(Hujita Saki)

Yes, Hoshi from all kinds of angles~ Literately~!Collapse )
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Breb Radio #2 [29 May 2010|01:55am]

ブレブ・レイ ディオ クリシュナ王室広報局
Breb Radio - Krisna Royal Department of Public Information

On air date: 2010/05/28
Personality: Hoshi Souichirou & Nakamura Yuuichi

OMG! I love this radio~!!! There are so many things I want to talk about~~~
Hoshi was so surprised about his birthday celebration, so many fans wrote letters to the Radio program to congrat him XDD~!!
Also Nakamura was picking on Hoshi like crazy XDDD~~

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Happy B-day, pappi~! [22 May 2010|01:09pm]



Celebrating Hoshii's B-day with Toriumi Kousuke's togetehr, for they were born in the marry month of May ♥
Thanks for always bringing great work to the fans, and I will love you both forever~!
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Just sth I made after watching Haruka 10th Festival.... [21 May 2010|03:57am]


This really made my day ♥

For a full review of the event → HERE
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[12 May 2010|01:34am]

Hi~ First post (comment excluded)...Hoshi-san is the seiyuu that got me first into the world of seiyuus, though it wasn't that far back yet (about 4 years, I think...in fact, it's either Hoshi-san or Ishida-san that got me to become interested in seiyuus in the first place, but guess I'll give the credit more to Hoshi-san for a stupid reason since I chose Ishida-san to be my favorite seiyuu above all for a really stupid reason...-_-"). Anyway, I have a couple of questions I've always wanted to ask...

1. I read in JP wiki that Hoshi-san's "Pappy~" was first come to life in a Saiyuki radio...though I don't know which one nor do I listen to any of them yet. Anyone know how exactly does he manage to coil up that awesome word? If possible, can anyone tell me which one of the Saiyuki radio did he first use that greetings. I'm just curious, since I think it's one of the cutest words I've ever heard, and I really like it...>_<"

2. I just watched another radio of Ishida-san on Niconico (watched for Ishida-san's pictures and the floating comments... ._."), and I notice that once Ishida-san mentions that he dislikes people who start doing crazy stuff when they're drunk, all the comments start to point to Hoshi-san...Not like I've never heard about Hoshi-san and his drinking habit (I only know that he likes alcohol from one of the Saiyuki events)...but I'm curious of the detail. How do people know about this? Did Hoshi-san mention about it somewhere himself? Other seiyuus talk about it? Any specific radio or video recommended where someone said something on this or even show him as drunk (I doubt that's possible since it would be a bit too personal, but I'm just asking... ._.")

Don't know if it's alright to ask these questions...I have to say, I'm still pretty new to the seiyuu fandom as a whole. Haven't listen to much radio and watch much event yet, though I'm always happy to see when Hoshi-san appears in the event or come on the radio, either as a guest or as a personality...though it looks like in most radios and events that I came across with Hoshi-san, he's always being picked on by other people...only make him looks cuter to me though...>_<"
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2010/05/07 news update [07 May 2010|04:40pm]

*Every title is a hyperlink to its official site.


ドラマCD プリンセスハーツ ~君は運命の人だからの巻~
Drama CD Princess Hearts ~Kimi ha unmei no hito dakara no kan~

Release Date: 2010/05/26
Info: not for sale, came with the novel with the same title (limited edition).
Cast: 保志総一朗(Hoshi Souichirou) | 石田彰(Ishida Akira) | 能登麻美子(Nouto Mamiko) | .etc
OMG~!! This series has new CD again~!!! I can't wait~~


Sengoku BASARA FES.2010 DVD PV

Date: now
Info: Awesome PV of Sengoku BASARA 2010 event is up on the official site!
Everyone's so cool, Hoshi ★ Can't wait for the DVD~!
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[project]~Collecting B-day messages for Hoshi Souichirou~ [01 May 2010|06:05pm]


Time: 2010/04/25 - 2010/05/31


Message Book - Write out what you want to say for Hoshi, the project leader will make it into a message book and mail it to Hoshi on his birthday.


Online BBS Message Board - An open BBS for your best wishes to Hoshi~!


Hoshi's Characters Ranking - vote for your favorite character of Hoshi Souichirou!
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2010/04/30 news update [30 Apr 2010|07:25pm]


TV アニメーション「裏切りは僕の名前を知っている」ドラマCD1
TV Animation "Uraboku" Drama CD1

Release Date: 2010/06/30
Info: includes 1 character song by Hoshi Souichioru & Sakurai Takahiro~!
Cast: everyone knows~


NDS "DS Sukidesu Suzukikun! 4 nin no suzukikun"

Release Date: 2010/07/29
Genre: Otome AVG
Limited: with Drama CD
Cast: Takita Jyuri | Taketatsu Ayana | Miyata Kouki | Kondo Takashi | Hoshi Souichirou | Nakamura Yuuichi

Images under cut~!!Collapse )
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Icons [29 Apr 2010|12:38pm]

Got 500 icons to share with everyone:

Part 1
005 - .hack//SIGN (Macha)
016 - Chrome Shelled Regios (Nina Antalk)
016 - Criminal Minds (Penelope Garcia)
036 - Gilmore Girls (Rory Gilmore)
015 - The Mean Kitty (Sparta)
016 - Pandora Hearts (Ada x 5; Break x6; Oz x1; Vincent x4)
015 - Pride and Prejudice (Elizabeth Bennet)
014 - Shining Tears (Blanc Neige)
020 - Tales of the Abyss (Anise x1; Guy x18; Luke & Asch x1;)
016 - Xenosaga (chaos) (Voiced by Hoshi Souichiro)
030 - Yami no Matsuei (Kurosaki Hisoka x28; Tatsumi Seiichiro x2)
015 - Misc (Misc x2; Fate/stay night x2; Heart no Kuni no Alice x1; Jeff Dunham x4; La Corda d'Oro x1; Persona 3 x1; Suikoden x1; Team Knight Rider x1; The World Ends With You x2)

Part 2
196 - Weiss Kreuz ("Nom Nom Nom" Set x3; Aya-chan x14; Aya (Ran) x21; Ken x40; Youji x6; Omi x108; Mamoru x4)
089 - xxxHOLiC (Watanuki x8; Yuuko x6; Mokona=Larg=Modoki x75)

All of my icons (current count: 1200) can be viewed at A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words. Please credit the site or dessa_gepichu if you use the icons.
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Uraboku seiyuu event's coming~ [20 Apr 2010|11:15pm]

ASUKA25周年&DVD発売記念「裏切りは僕の名前を知っている」イベント - ワルプルギスの宴
ASUKA 25th Anniversary & DVD Released Memorial "Uraboku" Event - Banquet of Walpurgis

Date: 2010/06/27
Content: Talk corner, Live Drama, etc.
Cast (up to change): Hoshi Souichirou | Sakurai Takahiro | Inoue Marina | Fukuyama Jun | Ono Daisuke
Guest: Kamiya Hiroshi | Hino Satoshi

I hope it'll release DVD~~
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"Uraboku" Trial Event Report (Eng Summary) [13 Apr 2010|03:38am]

保志総一朗&福山 潤も駆け付けたTVアニメ『裏僕』試写会レポ
Hoshi Souichirou & Fukuyama Jun at TV Anime "Uraboku" Trial Event Report

Hoshi&Fukuyama InterviewCollapse )
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some news update of Hoshi~ [13 Apr 2010|02:16am]

Hoshi's definitely busy this year~Collapse )
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VELVET UNDERWORLD Fragment Person+animation 12 VOLT PV [03 Apr 2010|07:30pm]

image heavy~Collapse )
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Hoshi's new Haruka3 song~ [26 Mar 2010|07:38pm]

砂上の哀葬 - 遙かなる時空の中で3 ~終わりなき運命~ ヴォーカル集
Sajyo no Aisou - Haruka3 ~Owarinaki unmei~ Vocal Album

Info: Hoshi's new song from the new Haruka3 album which just released on the 24th.

It's WAY TOO BEAUTIFUL~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I felt in love with it immediately after I listened to it, totally out of my expectation!
It's so sad though which made me want to cry...

I extracted this mp3 off a youtube video, but the quality is incredibly good~~

Try it yourself

Oh XDDD~ Now I can't get the song out of my head >>__<<
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Uraboku PV~! [23 Mar 2010|07:23pm]

Uraboku~!Collapse )
For who doesn't know, Uraboku cast:
Hoshi Souichirou
Sakurai Takahiro
Koyasu Takehito
Fukuayam Jun
Inoue Morina
Miyano Mamoru
Ono Daisuke
Kamiya Hiroshi
Hino Satoshi
Miki Shinichirou
Narita Ken
Ishida Akira

Incredibly awesome cast that I haven't seen for a long time, which makes me so happy that Hoshi's the main character!!

Here's the PV w/ Chinese sub
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TAMASHI NATIONS meets Hoshi Souichirou Interview [02 Mar 2010|09:17pm]

魂の骨格 第11回 TAMASHII NATIONS meets 保志総一朗インタビュー 公開
Tamashii no Kokkau EP.11 TAMASHI NATIONS meets Hoshi Souichirou Interview Publish

Original Text: http://tamashii.jp/t_kokkaku/t_kokkaku.php?eid=00011
Info: Upon the release of the new model "Lucifer" (piloted by Brera in MacrossF), TAMASHI NATIONS had an interview with Hoshi~!

It's so much fun that I took time to translate it HERE, sorry it's in Chinese though, but you can still enjoy the awesome pictures!!!
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☆2010/02/27☆ news [27 Feb 2010|05:30pm]


Bakugan new seriesCollapse )


Sengoku Basara~Collapse )


Haruka~Collapse )
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Newtype Jan.-Mar. Hoshi related scans~ [23 Feb 2010|06:21pm]


Hoshi undercutCollapse )
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news ☆2010/02/21☆ [21 Feb 2010|04:19pm]


RADIOCollapse )


CDCollapse )


GAMECollapse )


EVENTCollapse )




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